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Musings is 1 of 4 main sections at Eyeful Tower ― part of Sam's FA•C•ET trinity of pet projects.

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between 2004 and 2010. Recent postings are private.
Current Features
  • Cuppa-Idee  <<<   Gedenken Tag der Deutschen Einheit

Deceptions Series
The Truth must dazzle gradually,    
Or every man be blind
Emily Dickinson

Cuppachino weckt Menschen wie Cappuccino.

Personal Ideas
  • It's All About The Dials
  • What Does "Smart" Have to Do with It?
  • Below Threshold Efforts
  • On Patriotism
  • Needless Harms & Overkill
  • On Logic
  • Pseudo Science/Logic
  • What Do You Mean by...
  • The Multi-Factor Factor
  • The Multi-Angle Angle
  • Misleading Facts, Half Truth
  • Wrap-around theories, dry-labbing
  • It Doesn't Matter... Really?!
  • You Don't Know What You Don't Know
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