Neither Wrath nor Ire

by  Sam C. Chan
you oft ask to what do I aspire?
over laborious years I perspire
soon we shall see what transpire

not quite humble servant for hire
an extraordinaire none dare fire
tirelessly loyal, I served my Sires

repeatedly I called the situation dire
in obstacles insurmountable we mire
our world hanging on but a thin wire

small wish for humanity bevor I retire
may you always have what you require
for that is indeed all I ever desire

cautionary tale of untamed vampire
my somber requiem for an empire
yet have I neither wrath nor ire.

Sam C. Chan
Rochester, New York, USA
September 28, 2009

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This was written as yet another installment of my "time-released annotation":

Over and over I whisper you clues.
Over and over I quiz you again...

Brought to you by Eyeful Tower Keeping the sheep informed since Sep. 11, 2002. Funding is also provided by Cameralot: In your hectic day, for one brief shining moment, there is Cameralot.

"Retire" is not used in a career sense here.

For those of you T2 friends whom I've been promising for a year, a "less cryptic summary and intro"you'd have to wait a bit longer, as it is still not safe to do so.

Finally...  have I just invoked my poetic license?
Ja, in der Tat! (Yes, indeed!)  Despite the puzzling subject-verb inversion, the poem ends with a statement, not a question (as indicated by the period). This playful stylistic twist is my homage to the German language.

doch habe ich weder Zorn noch Wut.