Project  EerieKA Discover. Preserve. Educate.

by  Sam C. Chan

It's all about discovery and educating others. Let there be light!

On behalf of humanity, a big "thank you" to those who contributed information, assisted my research, lent perspectives, or otherwise inspired my endeavors in learning and investigating during the early days (2003~2007).

Grown-ups shouldn't be afraid of darkness, unless...

Ask, and I shall qualify you and explain/discuss.
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Déluge ► Déluge II

 Après moi...


T1~4, A1~6



Date Events/Remarks
March 2010 Clouds gather. Barometric pressure dropping.
Nov. 1 2009 Financial market and ready for an event. Final pump and dump in place. Next step of juggling not far away.
September 2009 Released Neither Wrath nor Ire to clarify sentiments and intentions. Unveiled 25-year roadmap & projection.
July 4, 2009 I smile approvingly, as I see my "table" being slowly filled up this year. A spine is a beautiful thing, indeed!
June 2009 Hallo, Wahrheitssuchenden!
Ich weiß, dass Sie das wissen; und dass Sie wissen, dass ich das weiß.
Aber man nicht offen sagen—nein, noch nicht...
Nur ein Zwinkern und Nicken. Das ist genug. -SCC
April 2009 Pas de fausses larmes! Pas plus de jeux de « bon flic, mauvais flic » ! Assez de bêtises! Arrêtez de diaboliser! Nous ne sommes plus dupes! C'est clair? -SCC
March 20, 2009

Fifth phase

At just under 3-year mark... End of an era. Wind down research efforts. Concentrate on educating core group and writing efforts. Long-term goals phase commence. Reduce wear-n-tear.  Start learning German!
February 2009 Project Déluge II deployed and tested. More passive & redundant.
January 2009 Solid representation: UK, FR, MA, DE, IT, BR, NL, UR, RU, AM
Eerieka! is now officially:  EerieKA!  the Eerie Knowledge Archive
December 2008 2008 saw a slight shrinkage of Tier-2 due to shift in criteria & recent observations; and a tremendous growth of Tier-1 (notably  T1Y1 + some T1Y2), beyond my wildest imagination. It's quite perverse!
November 2008 Revised youth policies and guidelines.
October 2008 Documentary project team ideas. Contemplate angles and goals.
September 2008 At last, there's hope in the next generation! Amazing! Merci, LM !

August 2008
To all vessels in the vicinity:   This is EerieKA! broadcasting in the blind. We're operating on international waters. We are un-armed and we intend no harm. We will conduct transient passage with limited educational operations per "Decibo Accord" with the full backing of Déluge... OVER
July 2008 Internal mainstream film "committee" focus and database.
Forth of July communiqué.
June 2008 Review & Re-classification of audience base... Declaration to T2:
I no longer appeal to your sense of principles. I'm ashamed to be defeated. Let the shame fall where it may. Before long, your self-preservation instinct will compel you. What a difference 26 months have made! -SCC
April 2008 Project Déluge in-place. Hedging public statements revised & vastly improved.
March 2008 Complete devotion of energy & resources to financial studies. Step-up warning. Explain implications & mechanics of their schemes.
February 1, 2008 Formalized tiered position statements, revised assessment & strategic agenda.
October 2007

Forth phase

Major shift of focus into the financial sector, after discovery of events this past summer. Rapid learning of nuts & bolts mechanism. All roads lead to the "banks" via SIV/SPV. BIS:Bâle 2 → magic of CDO...
Sep 12, 2007 I'm sorry, is that really... "Betty Crocker"? Oh... the new 2007 version? Of course, of course.   Silly me!
Sep. 11, 2007 Project Op-Amp: A new secondary focus: monitoring public reaction to severely distorted version by a "gateway" community.
July 2007 Formal integration with general business & social activities, ►ROE. ►Open Letter #2.  ►Forth of July communiqué.
June 2007 Study of "name brand" R-1/5 in earnest.
May 2007 Eerieka! Hotline suspended, pending further evaluation of situation, due to certain "safety" concern.
April 2007 Vastly expanded Inform & Educate phase resume in earnest, after some rest, newly found resilience and more detached attitude.
February 2007 Hiatus extended for further recuperation, regrouping, and to tend to project logistics & urgencies in personal life.
December 2006 6-week hiatus from project to preserve sanity.
November 2006
Establish international hotline
to accept reports and comments.
October 2006 Streamline & automate research & info collection process. Create dedicated portal & special tools. Increase "atmospheric" monitoring.
September 2006 (on-going) Inform and Educate phase commence, for a limited select audience only initially.
August 2006 Development of tiered responses. Correspondents categorization & selection. Formalize policies and strategies.
July 2006 Activate IFFN process with evolving methodologies and policies. Initiate in-house scrub-and-flag within existing database.
July 2006 Role segmentation, definitions and refinement. Niche and needs analysis. (Assistance, aggregation, verification, tabulation,  amplification, clarification, correction, correlation, coordination) 
Define missions & approaches.
June 2006 Infrastructural ramping, logistical coordination and planning phase. Institute double-blind multi-replication in delta-copy via ambient traffic. Activate live chronicle & "watchdog timer" notifyer. Establish quad-continental redundancy.
June 2006 Resolute phase. Accelerate knowledge & skill sets acquisition on 3 primary + 2 secondary tracks.
May~July 2006 Database creation phase: To facilitate research process, and for future  packaging & distribution of educational materials. Also serves as archive for humanity.
May 2006 Disbelief, disillusion & disenchant phase. Self-deliberation and soul searching.
April 5, 2006

Third phase

Accidental discovery of crucial facts following uncanny cross-pond "coincident", leading to commencement of the research and investigation phase, which continues unabated to this day.
2001 ~ 2006 Second phase of general political awakening. MSM "detox" commenced. Thank you, S.W. in Rochester, NY (now in TN)
September 1997 Crucial initial political awakening. Thank you, J.K. in Santa Ana (S.F. now)

I'm just a shivering and exhausted Dutch boy
with hoarse voice and a sore finger. 
-SCC 2002