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Eyeful Tower: Part of FACET - The  Trinity of Sam''s Pet Projects

Musings: 1 of 4 main sections at Eyeful Tower


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Musings is 1 of 4 main sections at Eyeful Tower ― part of Sam's FA•C•ET trinity of pet projects.

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Current Features
  • Cuppa-Idee  <<<   Gedenken Tag der Deutschen Einheit

Deceptions Series
The Truth must dazzle gradually,    
Or every man be blind
Emily Dickinson

Cuppachino weckt Menschen wie Cappuccino.

Personal Ideas
Think about it. Do something... before it's too late!
  • It's All About The Dials
  • What Does "Smart" Have to Do with It?
  • Below Threshold Efforts
  • On Patriotism
  • Needless Harms & Overkill
  • On Logic
  • Pseudo Science/Logic
  • What Do You Mean by...
  • The Multi-Factor Factor
  • The Multi-Angle Angle
  • Misleading Facts, Half Truth
  • Wrap-around theories, dry-labbing
  • It Doesn't Matter... Really?!
  • You Don't Know What You Don't Know
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