FA·C·ET: The Trinity of Samcelot's Pet Projects

In the beginning (Sep. 11, 2002), there was Cameralot (for pictures), then shortly after, Eyeful Tower was added (for opinions), and soon, Fantom Amfifeata (for media) will complete the trinity.

facets of life...

facets of the author's mind...

FA: Coming Soon...
CAMERALOT: Where Beauty, Truth & Goodness Reign.
EYEFUL TOWER: Viewpoints, Perspectives, Philosophies & Musings.

fac·et n.

  1. One of the flat polished surfaces cut on a gemstone, or occurring naturally on a crystal.

  2. Anatomy   A small, smooth, flat surface, as on a bone or tooth.

  3. Biology   One of the lens-like visual units of a compound eye, as of an insect.

  4. One of numerous aspects, as of a subject.

[French facette, from Old French, diminutive of face]

Fantom Amfifeata Cameralot Eyeful Tower

Conceived: Nov 7, 2006.  Coming soon

  • On-demand streaming
  • Scheduled radio programs
  • Custom Playlists
  • Video clips
  • Educational media archive

A virtual auditorium
The audio/visual experience

Debut: September 11, 2002

  • 9-11 Memorial
  • Picture of The Day
  • Themed Photo Galleries
  • Sam's Poetry Café
  • Garden of E.D.E.N.
  • The Observatory (E.T.)
  • JUNE 2008 Samcelot LAUNCHED
    First Knight at Camerlot

Humor, fantasy, eye candies

Debut: September 20, 2002

  • Philosophies
  • Viewpoints
  • Infotech (IT)
  • Musings
  • Quotes


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