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In the beginning (Sep. 11, 2002), there was Cameralot (for pictures), then shortly after, Eyeful Tower was added (for opinions), and in Nov. 2006, FA (for AV media) completed the trinity.
  • Vaccine: The Hidden Truth - A 1998 documentary, where 15 medical doctors and researchers revealed and explained the damning account of ineffectiveness and harmful effects. It's the first half of this timeless video.

  • Mary Tocco: Are Vaccines Safe?
  • Teresa Forcades - Historical data, scientific analysis of numerous irregularity surrounding the H1N1 situation VID in Spanish, with English subtitle
  • Dr. Gary Null - New York State Assembly Hearing on Vaccines VID
  • Dr. Mercola and Barber Fisher - Update on CBS's Oct. 21 2009 release of 3-month investigation on CDC's fraudulent statistics on Swine Flu.

  • CBS 60 Minutes: 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Deception (around 1980)

  • 5 Monkeys - Human behavior within a group  VID

  • Chris Hedges - "Empire of Illusion" lecture MP3
    I agree with Chris 80% here. Overall, I consider this a "must-listen" for all. His analysis on domestic situation is excellent, almost right on. His comprehension of the international situation is very much distorted, but still offers value. He is self-admittedly weak on the financial situation. Not exciting, but full of nuggets.

  • Parle à ma main - Fatal Bazooka feat Yelle MUSIC VID
  • Heidelberg, Germany - Promotional video produced by the City VID/SLIDE
For 3 years, this site has remained publicly inactive, with just 3 demo pieces. When it fact, it was mostly utilized as part of our cross-continental achieve network, and occasional private viewing via unpublished links, during collaborations and discussions. This will soon change.