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Illustration from CBS News

Dr. Mercola 23 min interview
Barber Fisher - NVIC

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On Oct. 21, 2009, CBS aired their 3-month investigative report. They found a major case of fraudulent figures in Center for Disease Control (CDC) report of H1N1 cases. When CBS contacted 4 states directly, they found out 83% - 97% of CDC's "confirmed" cases were actually H1N1 negative. In fact, over 80% of them were not even regular Influenza.

As I previously pointed out, this is not a case of incompetence. There has been a concerted effort to push through a few agenda items:

  1. pass "emergency" laws to waive vaccine testing requirements (done)
  2. pre-grant legal immunity to vaccine makers (done)
  3. pave the way for suspension of civil liberty (partial: status currently escalated at several states)
  4. mutually beneficial funding arrangements, overt and covert
  5. continuation and furthering of a certain on-going project