From: Sam Chan
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2008 1:44 PM
To: Scott
Cc: David ; Ernest ; James ; Phil ; vicky
Subject: Guess what I just received in the mail?


just as you were jokingly calling me "nouveau riche" yesterday...

Today, in addition to your big check, I also got this:

Peut-Ítre, je ne suis pas un nouveau riche.  Je suis un ancien pauvre !

Indeed, I'm no newly rich. I'm an old poor!

Possible captions:

  • Rite of Passage II?
  • Things that deflate your ego...
  • Yippee! I'm now wise and distinguished.
  • Wow, this feels even weirder than over-the-hill party!
  • Oh well, I shall grow old gracefully... but wait, I haven't even grown up yet!