My Original Taglines, a decade+ of

by  Sam C. Chan

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DENSITY ALERT:  Almost every sentence, coined term here has an essay behind it (some published). The various blatant allusions you recognized are merely segues into the background stories and analysis.
Ask, and I shall qualify you and discuss.
Listen to the EerieKA Declaration:

For over a decade, excerpts of my essays, correspondence and conversations became my taglines. I refine my spontaneous words inspired by events of the day into slogans.  Why so cryptic? Self-preservation. The wise will get 99%.   Why such haughty disdain? Cavalier attitude is called for in desperate times. Millions of lives are at stake. These are no outbursts. They are informed, deliberated and measured—in fact, gross under-statements!

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - Thus you're forever trapped in a bubble of misconceptions - You must overcome

You will soon understand, within 2 to 25 years.
You have no idea of the enormity of this, or
even a sense of reality for that matter. 
-Dec 2008

It is now Oct. 2010, and the end is nigh indeed...  Look out for end run in the end game!

An "unquestionable" victim/hero/authority is unquestionably a fraud. 
S.O.P.: To hide dirty secrets, make sacred   JAN 26 2011

Ask what you have done for your country. Ask also what your country has done for you. In fact, ask what your country has really been up to—if you dare! What is a "country" anyway?    JAN 19 2011

Haven't you noticed, the tides have turned?    JAN 12 2011

It is shameful to accept undeserved shames.    JAN 11 2011

A typical below-99-percentile "consultant": Whine and opine in the blind. Moan and groan about "mysterious" unknowns.    JAN 7 2011

Life is but a pretentious, needlessly intimidating algebraic equation. It's actually quite trivial to simplify.    JAN 5 2011

Perspectives. Priorities. Focus.  Life's too short to agonize over nonsense.    JAN 3 2011

Land of the feeble, home of the grave, where the zombies roam.    DEC 29 2010

Not consciously aware of one's own ignorance, is being hopelessly ignorant.    DEC 29 2010

The ugliness of the glamour industry isn't unique. That's the norm in all fields.    DEC 26 2010
2/22/11   CLARIFICATION:   I meant such irony is the norm.   That's my point. That ugliness is everywhere is hardly a point.

To deal with someone on a social basis, means protecting and promoting self-interests, by way of: flattery, deceptions, omissions, deflections and distractions.    NOV 22 2010

"Social skills" is a misnomer.    NOV 17 2010

It takes more than a palm-size bulldozer made of playdough to bulldoze me.    NOV 10 2010

It's like jumping into a shark tank. Of course, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I stick to my rules of engagement. I can hold my own.    NOV 3 2010

The impossible is impossible. The inevitable is inevitable. The obvious is... never obvious to most.    OCT 20 2010

Roman Maxim of Law: "Let he who would be deceived be deceived".    OCT 5 2010

Life is a giant falsehood. Some just perpetrate an inordinately large share, oft in self-destructive manner, unwittingly.   OCT 5 2010

All brands of -isms, are merely a mechanism of subjugating the mindless organisms.
Their touted goals and purported origins are just deception.   OCT 3 2010

Après le déluge, moi !   SEP 27 2010

What tsunami? Peek outside now and then, to realize it's still sunny and nice!   SEP 23 2010

It takes robbing 10 million people $1,000 apiece to make a single billionaire.  SEP 10 2010
That's what I call the Inefficiency Coefficient of Semi-Voluntary Siphoning: roughly 10x

What bliss? That scary funnel cloud is approaching rapidly head-on.   SEP 9 2010

Just because I utilize a certain source, doesn't imply I agree with them.  AUG 20 2010

Profile of a psychopath: Superficial charm, pathological lies, ego-centricity, lack of remorse, carelessness.  AUG 15 2010

Don't say much, but say it loud. Risk nothing. Stand to gain everything.  AUG 11 2010

4 Monate bis 4 Dutzend.  JUL 21 2010
fiat monetary beats fear doesn't :)

False reverence is far more palatable than real merits to the populace.  JUL 8 2010

All leaders are ceremonial, chosen not on the basis of merits & abilities; rather, primarily for their gullibility, corruptability and blackmailability; by shadow controllers.  JUL 7 2010
they incite your haste...
modulate your pace!
there lies bitter taste...
consequence to face!

MAY 30 2010

Plutocracy + Militarism  ≠  Democracy  JUL 4 2010

Romanticizing & caricaturing make great historical films. JUL 1 2010

The impossible is impossible.  JUN 19 2010

Life is like a whiteboard, where mistakes can easily be erased. But, hurry! For all is chiseled in stone once you die.   MAY 22 2010

Connect the dots: Patterns emerge. Chaos becomes clarity.   MAY 15 2010

Mastering the Art of Rhetoric will get one far, oft undeservingly.   MAY 8 2010
 3 + 4 =

Moral superiority is but an illusion, preying on intellectual inferiority   MAY 2 2010

Morality is prudent selfishness; nothing more, nothing less.    MAY 2 2010

What's the difference between lacking moral autonomy and lacking morals? In real termsnone; as the end results are identical.   MAY 1 2010

I'm a very fortunate (or terrible) fluke on this Land of Conformity and Docility.  APR 29 2010

on overcoming Cognitive Dissonance

How come those intellectually blind and deaf are never mute also?   APR 19 2010

Citi-Citi-Bank-Bank... Cheeky Cheeky Bang Bang!  Going going gone gone.   APR 15 2010

So, this will be THE lie to end all lies? Great!   APR 12 2010

Le cri : audace ! est un Fiat Lux.  Victor Hugo
Brace! Trace! Grace!  MAR 29 2010

Billionaire = "richest man" in the world? Have we overlooked a few Trillionaires? Perhaps they failed the test and are classed as subhuman?!    MAR 22 2010

Bravo, Frau Bundeskanzlerin Merkel! Gut gemacht! Endlich, ein Zeichen von Vernunft, Würde und vor allemRealitätssinn.   Bravo, Chancellor Merkel!   Finally, a sign of sensibility, dignity, and above allgrasp of reality. Charade, delusion and grand theft perpetuate not.    MAR 18 2010

Bin What?!

Connect the Dots!

What's worse than a Thief?

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.  Shakespeare: Henry IV. Part II, 1597
Easy lies spew from the mouth of a clown.  scc: Puppet Nation  MAR 16 2010

Which part of mathematically impossible do you actually understand?!   MAR 14 2010
No, this is not a rehash of my OCT 1 2008 entry. This is an entirely different angle and a much stronger statement.

A smiling tiger is no friend.   MAR 13 2010   (Subtitle: Wanna play? You're a prey!)

A point-n-click/plug-n-play "consultant" is an oxymoron, and a fraud.  MAR 9 2010

Imprudent exploitation of others is detriment to oneself. Steal moderately!  MAR 7 2010

In a fraudulent economy, end-of-months are perilous (esp. Mar & Sep).
Let's hope March doesn't become "Marchons, Marchsons !FEB 22 2010

Economic "science" as spewed by most "experts" is actually pure alchemy.   FEB 11 2010

Unicorn de Nile my asset! (Hello, straw man!)   FEB 7 2010

an·ti-sam·my·ism:  to dare to contradict me, or
expose my hypocrisies and frauds.   FEB 6 2010

On logic: Complement does not equate opposite!   FEB 4 2010

Why do I oft sprinkle "mirror" in my writing?  Review May 15, 2007 entry for the root of "evil."

Farewell, Eustace Mullins and Howard Zinn. A very sad week for humanity.   FEB 2 2010

So many rabbit holes. So little time.   JAN 20 2010

Feebles beg. Greedies steal. Fools fight. Clevers entice, entrap, siphon and wait.  JAN 19 2010

Why work? Instead, just catalyze by way of deceptions.   JAN 18 2010

Crocodile tears are always in fashion. It's an universally accepted currency.   JAN 17 2010

I feel like one who escaped the Cave, return to inform his fellow prisonersOnly to face savage attack, from the blissfully ignorant cowards, enraged by reality.   JAN 1 2010

Purposes render "identity" superfluous.   NOV 21 2009

Many "progressives" are just desperate public display auto-stimulators of the ego kind. Most "conservatives" are radical fear mongers marinating in their own greedy waste. Stroke on! Stew on!  May your blind bliss numb the upcoming crashing pain.    OCT 28 2009

Ich bin ich. Du bist du. Und es wird immer so sein.   OCT 27 2009

Everyone is an optimist. A well-informed optimist is oft labeled pessimist.  OCT 21 2009

Brace! Brace! Brace!
Trace! Trace! Trace!
Grace. Grace. Grace...
OCT 12 2009

Cautionary tale of untamed vampire.
My somber requiem for an empire.

Have I
neither wrath nor ire
OCT 17 2009

The worst enemy of truth isn't lie. It's facts! Near-truth and fallacies are most effective.   OCT 7 2009

Mal-framed questions and "debates" get one nowhere fast.   OCT 5 2009

Most of which you forward
were crafted to hold all backward.
(Thou shalt not spam hoaxes unwittingly)
  OCT 3 2009

Cognitive Dissonance breeds delusion.
Escape the bubble of misconception!
You can ill-afford procrastination.
Undo a lifetime of indoctrination!
OCT 1 2009  Ori. published in May 2008 as banner on this page

Oriental or Occidental... a credential inconsequential. The real question: Have you what's quintessential?   SEP 30 2009

Erwachsene sind Kinder, die ihre Träume verloren haben.  SEP 29 2009

Wir sind Menschen. Das ist alles. Nur Menschen. Überall gleich.   SEP 19 2009

The sheep herd blindly trail the behind of the sheep just ahead. Be a black sheep with wide-open eyes! Navigate by sight, not whiff!   SEP 12 2009

... Hence, this is but an exercise in shuffling—not production. Thievery is in fact fair-game. It is part of the laws of nature. To not recognize it, is inept. To not admit it, is devoid of dignity. Are you able and willing?   SEP 11 2009

It's no shame (nor harm) to have penis as engine... so long as there's a heart for steering + brain to brake. (now think metaphorically on the monetarism scheme...)   SEP 11 2009

Even my tier-2 friends (whom I consider 90 percentile) are capitulating let-downs. Redeemingly, they possess sufficient dignity and conscience, and the intellect to comprehend me, without laborious act on my part.   SEP 1 2009

Nationalism is not for me, because I have a brain and a heart.   AUG 19 2009

Of course, I'm for green, but not "green", which is 10% exploiters, 20% pretenders 65% naive followers. Look in the mirror.   AUG 9 2009

1% are brilliantly vile. 98.9% are between mediocre and exceptionally dim. The rest is called the 99.9 percentile. There's a pandemic of "Percentile Dysfunction."   JUL 22 2009

Politicians are nimble enough to change stance intraday. They're small enough to dance between rain drops and stay dry. For good measure, they're even triple-coated with: Teflon, Scotchgard and Rusty-Jones. Slick, non-absorbing and corrosion-prone.    JUL 17 2009

These are the last things...
One day they will disappear and never come back.     Paul Auster

American Exceptionalism?
Or, just a bunch of...
Exceptional Moronicans?  
JUL 4 2009

"...too big to bail, but too big to fail" = it will fail. The former is a physical impossibility. The
latter will naturally occurdespite the dismay expressed.   JUN 3 2009

As a brief generation of nouveaux riches gives way to the impending anciens pauvres, a paradoxically impoverished decadent society is born.  MAY 15 2009

Muni, muni on the Wall $$$$Calif
who's the stinkiest of them all? 

Yeah, yeah... Empires rise and empires fall, but at least don't become the lamest flash-in-the-pan of them all!  APR 21 2009

Since you persist in bulldozing me with ignorance & fallacies, I must ask that you go **** yourself!  Indeed, "educate" is a 7-letter dirty word, per the powers that beAPR 15 2009

G20: non-committal "commitments" + non-factual "facts" + imaginary "understanding" = much ado about nothing. The Great Leap (off the cliff) commenced. tick, tock...  APR 10 2009

What kind of fool would compose a coda worthy of a masterpiece, when fading refrain will do? (directed at self... subtitle: There're higher purposes...)  APR 1 2009

It's official: Banana Republic of Amerika!  Or, the birth of Weimarer Republik II. Awww, so cute!  MAR 23 2009

What you're smoking, is the only "green shoot" there is, Mister B.   MAR 20 2009

Now, 17 months later... Who's laughing? Who's the insane one? Sadly, you remain utterly ignorant, not at all repentant, but every bit as complicit and destructive. MAR 19 2009

Please, spare me your lecture of:
"Don't you get it?
 It'll always be a swindle anyway
and somebody's got to gain..."
Duh!!   see AUG 12 2008

The rosi hope of cleansing lies in far corners of the world in budding minds of wisdom.  MAR 13 2009

Who'd have thought destiny could sometimes be such inspirational delights..:]   MAR 9 2009

Wake up and connect the dots
before it's too late!  MAR 9 2009

Letting the cripple carry the blind is no way to escape a fire. Horse before cart! FEB 15 2009

Le monde sous sa loi arnaque et guerrière; Se débattit.   (hommage à Hugo, merci Alexandra)
Toi, son singe sans honte, marche derrière; Petit, petit.   FEB 3 2009

What's worse than a thief? Thief with a gun.  What's worse than that? That with a badge!   Ahhhh, such irony!   Now, think metaphorically on a national scale... FEB 1 2009

How shameless are you? How brainless are you? How heartless are you? These 3 purely non-rhetorical questions will guide you thru inevitable despairs in the coming decades.  JAN 27 2009  (originally published on JUL 4 2008)

I never said that you're incompetent. Nor did I ever call you "stupid"...

I actually deem you incoherent & delusional!

The grand shuffle of deck chairs on-board "Titanica" is pointless. The bickering for best seat is down right silly. The anticipation of bliss is futile.  JAN 20 2009

At what point must we substitute the word "nation" with "cesspool"? Are we there yet? Perhaps I'll just compromise, and settle for "cesspool of a nation." JAN 19, 2009

Got what it takes to be a pretty lily? Emerge and blossom, or submerge and drown in the lanure magoon. JAN 9 2009

When does "not asking questions" end, and "willful complicity" begin? Where's the line between immoral inaction and genocide by proxy? Deception "victims" or double-bluff swindling partners? JAN 3 2009

This table reserved for



All your life, it's been orange pop & hotdog. I hereby invite you to sit at my table. Dare to accept? Go forth and develop! JAN 1 2009

The Great Rush to Nowhere

Forget about the so-called micro/macro. It's the meta-macro, stupid!  In reality, virtually everyone is but a nano-cycle opportunist. Myopic, unwittingly suicidal and ultimatelypointless.

As the "Baltic Dry" dries...  DEC 7 2008

Over and over I whisper you clues.
Over and over I quiz you again...  NOV 21 2008

Are you so cheap as to sell your own child? Are you savage enough to eat your own kind? NOV 5 2008

Which part of “mathematically impossible” don't you understand? Must I draw a diagram for “smoke & mirror”? OCT1 2008

The bad news: You haven't seen anything yet!  The "good" news: We'll all become millionaires. Don't cry for me Ameritina. SEP 17 2008

On this land of the self-destructively hubris, perhaps the only relevant question is: Brother can you spare an eye? for even one who manages to muster half would rightfully claim the vice-roiship. Sep 15 2008

Can you say "cycles, super cycles, meta-super cycles"? SEP 13 2008

Our collective water has broken, from here on out, contraction cycles will increase in strength and frequency. We've been pregnant since summer 2007. Sep 11 2008

I watch the pre-programmed sequence unfold from the front row. Soon, all of you laughers won't. The period 2 months to 4 years from now will be quite interesting.  AUG 15 2008

Swindle? The entire "republic" is the mother of all Ponzi schemes. Naked shorts? The entire system is a series of un-enforced perpetual FTDs.  Yeah...
I actually understand the nuts and bolts.
Rules: Beggars can't be choosers. Steal with one hand. Don't kill the goose. AUG 12 2008

Reality and substance will be in-fashion once again, after the transformation. AUG 11 2008

Ignition sequence: Go!   Final multi-stage spiral commenced. Destination: The abyss. AUG 9 2008

Surreal? Indeed!  Surprised? Hardly!  Stop listening to parrots and noise-makers. But, first... Take a hard look in the mirror. JUN 22 2008

Dumm & Dümmer: ... if you think it's just a mockery of the last appointed and the soon-to-be-appointed "prez," thinking again...  Mirror, mirror on the wall...  JUN 6 2008

The brand new shampoo features: new name, fragrance & bottle design. YAY!!   JUN 5 2008

I smelled a rat and leaped off the bandwagon. Just ya wait...   JUN 4 2008

All men are not created equal. Nor should they be. Beware of those pretending they are.   JUN 1 2008

How many knees can a knee-jerk jerk jerk, if a knee-jerk jerk can jerk knees? MAY 23 2008

In our stampede to gain an edge, we're all inevitably held back and mutually wounded. "Winning is everything" is a loser's attitude.  Much time, energy and resources are destroyed in earnest; to scheme, deceive, extract, second guess, counter-scheme, counter-deceive, and supposedlyto "get ahead."  MAR 25 2008

Who're ya gonna believe? Me, the 4 blind men, or your own lying eyes? FEB 24 2008

Tiny bubbles in the wine. Make me happy. Ah, they make me feel fine...

If you didn't understand 8 years ago, what makes you think you'll get it now? FEB 14 2008

"Rogue trader" my asset! It's standard practice, with orders from the top. There's much more unraveling coming, both natural and strategically-induced. Shhhh... he'll be out in 6 months flat, with limo and Swiss account awaiting.  JAN 30 2008    [Oh... color me naive. Only 4 weeks!!!]

I've seen the playbook. And it's not pretty!

Economists?   Hahahaaaaaa!! JAN 22 2008
(for the record: my sentiment for most computer "consultants" as well)

Hunker down! Batten hatches! Tsunami imminent. JAN 1 2008

If you only know 2% of what I see, you'll weep, or I will call you sub-human filth. DEC 15 2007

At this point, 4- to 25-year recovery period would be considered "soft landing." NOV 29 2007

As I see it, there are multi- and fractional-billionaires. My fellow type-two billionaires: what I advocate helps even the type-oners... if only they realized. Remember! Remember! NOV 5 2007

Shuffling and fluffing does not new wealth make.  OCT 15 2007

We all have to prostitute ourselves from time to time. There remain but two questions:
1. How good?  2. How much?  Advice: Don't be a lousy cheap whore! OCT 12 2007

Feeble and cripple   minds succumb to drips that numb.  All are fools. You too! AUG 1 2007 (Haiku)

My prophetic inner self is emerging: It's my true calling, and I must answer. JUL 7 2007

Enigmatic Paradox and Paradoxical Enigma: Truly, Madly, Deeply. JUL 7 2007

Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is curse. Ignorance of ignorance is worst. JUL 6 2007

The balm of foul is smeared on your upper lip, and you smell nothing? You must be either breathing through your mouth, or lying through your teeth.   In other words: willfully ignorant, naturally inept, or just plain deceitful. JUL 5 2007

I call for America's independence from various self-shackles & deadly foreign subjugation... for the good of humanity. It's about time we lose the puppet state status. JUL 4 2007

Our "economic" prowess is merely a façade, and poised for imminent catastrophic collapse... JUL 4 2007

They've been calling you a moron, but you don't have to let them! Stop going out of your way to prove them right!  MAY 15 2007

...the rise of hypocrisy, preying on mediocrity, ignorance is adversity... Surrender your sovereignty! OCT 15 2006

Hello, mom? This is John Doe. You believe me, right? Umm, no multi-trillion dollar accounting "adjustments" to disclose... Just have been in a funk for 5 months. SEP 10 2006

TJ was right!  And, I've been working tirelessly to avoid/defer yet another "refreshment" for "the tree of liberty..."   Coming thru... Step aside! JUL 4  2006

EerieKA!   I'm just a shivering Dutch boy with a hoarse voice and sore finger. APR 5 2006

Trusting indiscriminately is recklessly incompetent. If you doubt the proven few, you're a distrustful soul, and most likely untrustworthy. JAN 1 2006

Honesty is the designer brand of stupidity in a pretty bottle.
Stupidity is the generic brand of over-the-counter happy drug. NOV 22 2005

Henceforth,  Social advocacy shall not take a backseat to business activities.
This does not represent any departure of policies. It is simply an embolden official declaration of my 2-decade long practice!  NOV 21 2005

   Obscenity of Virtues vs. Virtue of Obscenities”  
Learn the difference, lest you become a hypocrite.    JAN 1 2004

I remain your not-so-humble servant. JUN 1 2003

My faith for humanity dwindles, each time I learn of how these "brilliant" schemes are pull off. MAY 21 2003

Mirror, mirror on the wall,  who's got the longest nose of them all? MAR 7 2003

Painful truth:  You have Below Average Monkey Score (BAMS) on most topics. SEP 22 2002

Eyeful Tower: ...some not-so-obvious facts, perspectives & analysis. It boldly goes where no would-be socialite has gone before; shattering myth and conventional wisdom; and exposing injustice in all the unlikely placesSEP 20 2002

An evil king will jump at the opportunity to award beefy slaughtering contracts and pocket street-lining projects to his cronies. SEP 11, 2002

Cameralot: May common sense always prevail. May it be more commonSEP 11 2002

I had my 15 minutes of fame and I left with a bang!  Oh... to this day, I'm still not pregnant. NOV 20 2000

I am first and foremost a human, an engineer secondly, and a distant third: comedian.  (Thou shalt not clown around incessantly.) JUN 1 2000

I'm in the business of renting out my brain.  I have yet to descent to selling my body, and certainly have no intentions of pawning my soul.  DEC 22 1999

(this is only a small sample of my actual taglines in circulation)