Call For Independence

by  Sam C. Chan

July 4, 2007

Foreword: Omitting my usual weeks of internal editorial reviews and external feedback, I succumbed to the emotions of the occasion, and released this as first draft, only hours from conception and inspiration. A couple points outlined still need to be thoroughly expanded upon.

July 15, 2007: Revised & Expanded. This is officially "frozen." Future additions will be released as addenda/sequel installments. I now remove the watermark "draft." Foreword remains, for the benefit of those who followed it from start.

No, I am not talking about the Second Vermont Republic movement. Although I personally find it an intriguing and somewhat admirable endeavor, and actually deem it well within the realm of feasibility. But that's another grand backburner topic for another day.  Today, amid all the festivity, as I muster up a strong breath to blow out the candles, all 231 of them, I'm calling for America's independence from its various shackles:

  • the twin vampires: military-industrial complex & "federal" reserve system (along with the financial apparatus and its various schemes)
  • addictions (to narcissism, self-righteousness, drugs and oil)
  • amnesia and myopia
  • willful ignorance (stemming from laziness and fear)
  • blatant  hypocrisies & old school dogmas
  • tyranny, mind control and non-choices
  • pervasive arrogance, hatred & myths (thru hypnosis of mass media)
  • fundamental misconceptions of: treasonists/patriots/sycophants
  • consumerism & financial slavery (which in-turn feed all of the above)

I will go on record and state that at this juncture, I am not at liberty to openly discuss the details of what I refer to as "the twin vampires." Beyond the bullet point item above, I'll simply add that America must break free from the lethal siphoning and enslavement soon. It's a simple matter of 3rd grade arithmetic. As those of you who know me personally know, I will discuss in great details in private, after a qualification process, as part of my 2-year old Eerieka!  project.

Some of you might remember the catchy slogan of DuPont in the 80s: "Better living through chemistry" which took on whole new meanings (literal at times) in America. Granted, we're all creatures of comfortessentially a pile of molecules marinated in chemical. That is our whole transient existence. Still, I can't help but ask: 1. Must all gratifications be instantaneous?  2. How much do we really need?  3. Are there (much) higher zeniths of joy and pleasure?  Instead of indulging in substance of your choice, why not make a choice of substance? A choice of life, liberty and justice! It is worthwhile to occasionally forgo a mere moment's pleasure, in order to build toward a lasting treasure. Go ahead! For once, be somebody!

Majority of my friends range from late boomers to early busters. An explanation is in order here: I am referring to the "tail-end" of the baby boomer cohort, and similarly, the cohort representing the initial "batch" of the post-baby-boomers generation. My boomer friends often complain that their kids' generation (busters) is addicted to constant over-praises and have a general case of narcissism. I am indeed obligated to point out that such "diseases" afflicted the typical boomers as well.

There is widespread false believe that survival & prosperity dictates that we must  surrender our liberty and dignity, and it is morally justifiable to trample on humanity, and exploit ruthlessly, just to get ahead. That could not be further from the truth. My own Chankardian maxim* #81 illustrates my sentiment on this:

I'm in the business of renting out my brain. I have yet to descent to selling my body, and certainly have no intentions of pawning my soul.   -scc

I originally wrote it on True IT Consultancy and Professionalism. Only in recent years have I been adapting it for use in political context. The point is: One doesn't need much, though some might want much. It is entirely possible to make a decent living without selling out.

From this vantage point, atop Eyeful Tower, I'm momentarily in awe with the striking view of this near-perfect symmetry of America's amnesia and myopia in grand proportion. Of course, such dreamy indulgence in artistic beauty is short-lived, as I am immediately reminded of the ugly ramifications. How most of us have no sense of history at all, and no forward visions either... baffles me to no end.  No curiosity of the past. No interest in discovering the "who/what/when/where/whys" and "hows."  No desire to contemplate and anticipate the future beyond tomorrow.

(shaking head in disgust and sorrow...)

Given our generally abundant economical means (admittedly a façade poised for collapse**), at least in the near term, and current state of technological ubiquity, information and knowledge is readily available just for the asking, even to the most disadvantaged. Amnesia and myopia to such extend is completely needless, and therefore can only be attributed to willful ignorance.

Mainstream culture created an entire shameful class happily attached to their metaphorical I.V. needle with a steady drip of mind-numbing pleasantry, with zero inclination to learn, and complete disregard for facts and truth. Couple that with a natural fear for the unknown, and you have an air-tight case of self-regulated perpetual willfully ignorant masses. This is a total nightmare for democracy, and a would-be dictators' wet dream.

For those of you who actually venture out to study history, let me remind you again: It's been said that, sometimes, the only things made up in "fiction" are names and places. The only things true in "history" are names and places. Take a pause to note the irony.

Currently, the average American does not comprehend that:

  • patriotism is love for one's country and its people, not its leader and parties
  • patriotism does not imply mindless following, nor complicity in atrocities
  • patriotism is often a banner under which cynical schemes are carried out
  • patriotism is not meant as a guise for hatred & compensation for self-insecurity

Mirror, Mirror
on the wall,
who's got the
longest nose
of them all?

Until they do, treasonists will be allowed to continue operating in the open, unchecked, embolden by the unwitting complicity of the masses. Leaders touting demagoguery, along with opportunistic garden variety velum sprayers will successfully fashion themselves as saviors. True patriots duly voicing dissent would continue to be ridiculed and harassed.

Make no mistakes, the American populace living in a blatantly insular society does not hold a monopoly on ignorance and mediocrity***. However, following my 26 years of first-hand observation (with 5 years of intensive studies), I conclude that it is exceedingly prevalent and problematic here. It is entirely systemic, culturally entrenched and has been progressively worsening for 40 years. The particular causes and the serendipitous tale of how it came about are beyond the scope of this short essay, and shall be addressed in future installments. Notably, the deadly combination of:

  • ignorance from distractions/inattention & systematic disinformation
  • arrogance from imprudent self-righteousness thru American Exceptionalism
  • current brief (in historical terms) & predictably cyclic period of prowess and dominance

makes it a very dangerous thing. It is literally killing us (and others) needlessly, and in more ways than one.

I assert that: In life, one must learn such fundamentals as connecting the dots, in order to be considered a responsible, competent adult, and contributing member of society.

The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.

Be well. Be true. Be independent.


* my personal maxims currently number at 85. they're being featured as quote of the day at Eyeful Tower.
** note to self: Future defense essay in order.
*** see essay On Mediocrity on Eyeful Tower.