Shameless, Brainless & Heartless

by  Sam C. Chan
July 4, 2008 

schamlos, unvernünftig, herzlos

éhonté, bête, sans-cœur

无耻, 无知, 无情

How shameless are you?
How brainless are you?
heartless are you?

Voilà!  The 3 primary questions I ask everyone these days. Unlike my previous "one-eyed man" question, which is entirely rhetorical; these 3Qs are: actual, valid and intellectual in nature. That you are all three*, is obviously a given. Therefore, I am specifically inquiring about the extend of each.

DENSITY ALERT:  Almost every sentence, coined term here has an essay behind it (some published).  The various blatant allusions you recognized are merely segues into the background stories and analysis. Ask, and I shall qualify you and discuss.

As such, each question here expects and deserves an actual and thoughtful answer. Do you even fully comprehend? Have you ever pondered upon it? Can you assess and articulate? Do you dare to discuss? Are you willing to reveal?

In your inevitable despairs during the period between 2 and 25 years from now, these supremely relevant questions will serve as your trusty guide. Once you understand the root causes after a bit of pondering, all the necessary courses of action will become apparent. (Hint: The solutions consist of merely waking up, refraining from complicity in needless atrocities, and ceasing self-destructions.) Don't be a dead weight. The least you can do is to graciously and prudently step aside! Better yet, join the endeavor to defer yet another "refreshing" of "the tree of liberty," by reducing insane siphoning and curbing volatility.

The world is not a "mystery." It is just a complex series of multi-layered simple principles. Stop the intolerance, knee-jerk reactions, and blatant logical fallacies. On a pragmatic note: Continue with some of your public posturing, while drawing a clear line just short of lying to yourself. After all: Influence without affluence is a non-occurrence. (SCC. June 2004, on Austerity and Making a Difference)

Please, don't confuse integrity with negativity. I certainly don't seek to offendI just don't feel compelled to lie, or  constantly sugar-coat everything; in sycophantic fashion, for self-profiting. Think about the virtues of "obscenity" and the obscenity of "virtues."

Oh, don't flatter yourself. This is written and addressed to a certain citizenry 300-million strongnot specifically targeted at you. You are neither that important nor special. A very few among you already knew that, and can readily enumerate the reasons why. In fact, use your initial reaction upon sighting of the title to gauge your own  fundamental competence, and how in touch you are with reality. Grown-ups shouldn't be afraid of darkness, unless...

Got it? Fine. I shall preach to the choir no further.   Uneasy? Why? Com'on, don't be silly! Speak up!   Enraged? Great. Get started and learn! Open eyes, perk ears, sit down, and shut up. Now, activate brain! Hold your horses. First, do no harm. Enough already!   Indifferent? I'm truly sorry (sympathetic, not apologetic).  My most sincere condolences and best of luck!

Interesting times are upon us once again.

A self-censored edition
the remainder of content withheld...
pending Project Déluge II events, per "Decibo Accord"

* No one is merely ignorant & inept. Not to that extend. No one.