A Perfect Party

1 clown (trained mediocre mind, equipped with humor devices)

2 intellectuals (amusement for the un-masses)

3 dull nerds (as spacer, and as contrasting base)

94 mediocre minded warm bodies (for an audience)

Just add alcohol to taste and mix.

Yield: 1 great party. Serves 100.

NOTE: For harmonious results, stick to the prescribed proportion. Deviate at your own risk, as that might cause chaos & dismay. Resist the temptation to crank up the clowning. Don't overlook those all-important spacers. Be nice to the warm bodies, and you'll be treated as a gracious host.   Oh, have your finger on the kill button on those intellectuals. Fire at-will, at first sign of "getting out-of-hand."     -scc

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