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Eyeful Tower - Eiffel Tower/La Tour Eiffel motif. Viewpoints & Perspectives.An Introduction to
Eyeful Tower 2.0

 at the re-launch: January 1, 2006

 by Sam C. Chan

Eyeful Tower is a sister site to Cameralot with an Eiffel Tower motif. Its mission: To present the world with viewpoints and perspectives, and some not-so-obvious facts. It boldly goes where no would-be socialite has gone before, with an emphasis on shattering myth and conventional wisdom, and exposing injustice (in all the unlikely places). It aims to serve up some refreshing, at times, exotic food for thoughts.
  • Viewpoints   Over time, I'll share where I stand on various issues & topics, while providing some interesting facts and insights along the way.

  • InfoTech   Insights specific to IT industry & practitioners. Information is the essence of modern existence, with technologies forming its lifeblood. A dedicated category is warranted.

  • Philosophies   Showcase of my philosophical views on: life, the world and businesses.

  • Musings   Mostly serves as catch-all category, and elaboration of topics in the first 3 sections. New items are posted here, before eventually refined enough to be in the main sections.

Be forewarned: Most people consider the process of soul searching, self-examination & discovery very uncomfortableto say the least. The content here has a "mirror effect." It forces you to take a good look at yourself, your surroundings, and confront some of the topics often swept aside and left covered up. When faced with brutal ugly truth, you might become discontented. Innocence, once lost, can never be re-gained. Your ego might also suffer irreversible damage.

The view atop Eyeful Tower is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Should you consider yourself mature and open-minded, you may brace yourself and proceed at your own risk. As we prepare for the final ascend to the top, those of you who would rather not rock the boat should now exit orderly via the trapdoor to your right and slide down the emergency chute.

Bon voyage !

All citing from Eyeful Tower will be in the following format:
  • Vie. 3:1 (Book of Viewpoints, chapter 3, article 1)
  • Inf. 5:4.2 (Book of InfoTech, chapter 5, article 4, section 2)
  • Phi. 7:12 (Book of Philosophies, chapter 7, article 12)

Interestingly, Vie means "to strive for victory or superiority" in English, and "life" in French.  Inf. is short for infinitya wonderful concept. Phi (Φ), is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Finally, VIP together is what we consider you, the visitor, to be. Coincidence? Maybe.


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Pour nos visiteurs français:
En anglais, Eyeful Tower retentit juste comme la Tour Eiffel. Nous l'appelons un homophone.

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