CAMERALOT: where Truth, Goodness and Beauty Reign. SLIDE SHOW: Breath-taking views of NYC from the club at the top of World Trade Center tower.  Photos by:  Sam C. Chan

In June 2000, I was in New York City attending PC Expo. In the 20+ years I've been going to NYC, that was the first time that I actually took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I also got to learn about the history and humanity stories behind its constructions. 

I've always enjoyed the inspirations and spectacular view from a high vantage point (both literally and figuratively speaking). So far I have "climbed" to the top of Empire State Building in NYC, Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois; Citrus Tower near Orlando, Florida; Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas (no , I didn't ride the roller coaster up there); and CN Tower in Toronto. World Trade Center would be my next stop.

Instead of going to the observation deck at the very top of the World Trade Center tower, I decided to visit the club just one floor below it. To my surprise, I was turned away at the door, as I was in my summer weekend attire with shorts! The Matre'd politely informed me of their dress code. I had to scramble and purchase a pair of khaki pants at the Gap store located at the lobby of the World Trade Center.

$50 and a strange-look-by-the-cashier later, I returned to the ear-popping "rocket" ride (elevator/lift) to the top. This time, I was welcomed back at the club. There was no cover charge, only a two-drink minimum. That worked out to be a perfect way to spend 2 leisurely hours chit-chatting with the bar tender and enjoy the serenity of the scenery beneath me.

You can see the late afternoon shadow of the twin towers in most of the shots. The distinctive side of the tower was also visible in 2 shots. This will be one of those memories that I can never go back and relive.


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