Anatomy of A Romance Cycle: How The World Works According to Chankardian Theories

Phase 0 1 2 3 4 5
Nomenclature Neutral Pre-Infatuation Infatuation Post-Infatuation Separation Mourning
Characteristics Normal Eager Smitten Sustained Diminishing Resigned /
Rationales High Medium Very Low Medium/High Low/Medium Medium
Emotions Low High Very High Medium High Medium/High
Happiness Medium High Varies Extremes Medium/High Low Low
Mood Volatility Low High High Low Medium/High Medium/High


Period-of-Day Calm Night Crack of Dawn Sunrise Mid Day Sunset Stormy Night
Coffee Light 2 sugar 3 sugar Light + 1 sugar Light/Black Black
Driving Idle Incline Hilly & Bumpy Cruising Downhill Stalled


This article is a work-in-progress. Currently, it's only published as a footnote of the article on French pop singer Keren Ann. June 28, 2006