Quotes by Samcelot*

by  Sam C. Chan

Samples of my personal Maxims and Quotes (totaling 140 at last count in September 2009

Cuppachino weckt Menschen wie Cappuccino

I'm a very fortunate (or terrible) fluke
on this Land of Conformity and Docility.

on overcoming Cognitive Dissonance

Purposes render "identity" superfluous.

on Deconstructing Hubris

A "fact" is often simply a common opinion.
A theory is sometimes a little known fact.

on "Absurdity"

Oriental or Occidental... a credential inconsequential.  The real question is:

Sam C. Chan on Prejudice

Have you what's quintessential?

Feebles beg.  Greedies steal.  Fools fight.  Clevers entice, entrap, siphon and wait.

Sam C. Chan on "Their" Playbook demystified

Reality and substance will be in-fashion once again, after the transformation.

Sam C. Chan on Sustainability, Posturing and Charades

Crocodile tears are always in fashion. It's an universally accepted currency.

Sam C. Chan on Deceptions and Utilitarianism

Erwachsene sind Kinder,
die ihre Träume verloren haben. 

Zynismus bei Sam C. Chan


Ich bin ich. Du bist du.
Und es wird immer so sein.

Individualität bei Sam C. Chan

I feel like one who escaped the Cave, return to inform his fellow prisonersOnly to face savage attack, from the blissfully ignorant cowards, enraged by reality.

Sam C. Chan on End of the "Republic"

Nationalism is not for me, because I have a brain and a heart.

Sam C. Chan on Demagoguery

Shuffling and fluffing does not new wealth make.

Sam C. Chan on Systemic Swindle via Monetarism

Yeah, yeah...

Empires rise and empires fall;
but at least don't become
the lamest flash-in-the-pan of them all!

SCC on Imprudence & Demise

Those wise and of goodwill reason and debate in earnest. The foolish and spiteful demonize and dismiss the critics, then proceed to declare victory.

Sam C. Chan, Founder of Cameralot and Eyeful Tower

Chainsaw vs. Butter Knife: It's neither better nor worse. Just different!
Get the appropriate tool for the job. An overkill tool just doesn't cut it.

Sam C. Chan on hype and misconceptions of "best"

I will neither fear nor dislike you, just because you: disagree with me, are uninformed, or even have spiteful malice.   I will dread you, however, if you are: fundamentally lacking in comprehension and logic.

Sam C. Chan on the peril of ineptness

Ignorance causes fear. Fear breeds hatred. Hatred incites violence. Violence leads to yet more fear, hatred and violence, in a vicious cycle. Knowledge is the only way out.

Sam C. Chan on tolerance and understanding

The balm of foul is smeared on your upper lip, and you smell nothing?
You must be either breathing through your mouth, or lying through your teeth.
In other words: willfully ignorant, naturally inept, or just plain deceitful.

Sam C. Chan on ignorance & secret agenda

There are but two insurmountable obstacles in life: Health and Government.

Sam C. Chan on Reflections and Perspectives

Only 1% of the people are true thinkers. 10% think they think. The rest consider it unthinkable to have to think. (willing & able/willing & unable/unwilling & unable)

Sam C. Chan on mediocre minds of the populace

Just because you could, doesn't mean you would. Just because you would, doesn't mean you should. Just because you should, doesn't mean you could.

Sam C. Chan on how things don't mesh

Ideology is merely a theory that is meant to be a guideline, not an absolute doctrine. When misused, it becomes "idiotogy."

Sam C. Chan on Nothing Is Perfect

Politicians and the populace are humans. One is plagued by greed and corruptions, and the other by greed and ignorance. Thus politics and governance is forever reduced to:
  At bestharnessing the evil in the former, and tricking the latter toward goodness.
  At worstreciprocal back rubbing, and perpetual grand deceptions.

Sam C. Chan on demagoguery

... the rise of hypocrisy, preying on mediocrity,  ignorance is adversity. Surrender your sovereignty!

Sam C. Chan, United States of Titanica

If you indiscriminately trust just anyone, you're recklessly incompetent. If you second-guess the proven, selected few, you're a distrustful soul, and most likely untrustworthy.

Sam C. Chan on trust and professionalism

Repeated below-threshold efforts contribute absolutely nothing positively towards the goal. Hastily conceived "solutions" actually harm (or even doom) the prospect of eventual success, by diluting resources, and often―causing the problem to escalate.

Sam C. Chan on wars, and appearance vs. substance

Heroism is overrated and often confused with courage. True courage is often perceived as cowardice. Courageous acts are often ridiculed as unpatriotic. What the world really needs is more "cowards," not chest-thumping chimpanzees, nor cunning foxes.

Sam C. Chan on true patriotism

Some of the most narrow-minded people profess to be open-minded. Many actual open-minded people are often perceived as otherwise.

Sam C. Chan on appearance & perception

Fairness is only possible with the prerequisite of objectivity. Objectivity requires detachment. Detachment can best be achieved by finding a comparable but entire unrelated scenario.

Sam C. Chan on business policies and social ethics

Far-fetched―but real conspiracies are all around us. Had always been, and will always be.  Never dismiss on grounds of absurdity alone. That has zero bearing on plausibility. However, beware that most conspiracy theories stemmed from groundless suspicions and sheer ignorance. Be open-minded. Use common sense, critical thinking and accept only facts.

Sam C. Chan on 9-11 & 7-7 myths and deceptions

Religions should be about the practical application of biblical principles for modern life, not old-time fundamentalism. Set free by inspiration, not enslave by rituals. Educate thru facts and reasons, not brainwash by dictations and drills. Instill love and acceptance, not fear and guilt. Unite, not divide.

Sam C. Chan on religions and spirituality

May common sense always prevail. May it be more common.

Sam C. Chan on the dearth of common sense, Sep. 11, 2002

Influence without affluence is a nonoccurrence.

Sam C. Chan on austerity and making a difference

J'entends, je sens et je vois.  Je suis moi. (Francoise Hardy)

Samcelot de Cameralot (hommage à Françoise Hardy)

It's all about "the dials"...

Sam C. Chan on how things workthe truth about -ism

* The first knight arriving at Cameralot, where truth, beauty and goodness reign.
Credit goes to Catherine Matthews, for originally coining my nickname Samcelot in 1991.

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