Organized religions consist of part moral teachings, part service to humanity, part faith, part superstition, part politics, part business enterprises, part sciences, part philosophies and part cults. The exact composition & emphasis of each religious  individual or organization is what determines whether they are good or evil.

Religion is like pornography: healthy and essential in small doses, deadly and disastrous when over-dosed.

Spiritual does not equate religious. Religious does not imply goodness or morality. Beware of the fundamental religious fanatics!

In my travels, I am fortunate to have met quite a few truly good religious people. Grounded in solid reality, infused with vital broad knowledge, driven not by fear nor guilt, but by true love and compassion, practicing genuine tolerance. They put rituals, ideologies, political ambitions & commercial conquest behind and let service to humanity emerge to the forefront.    MORE ON THE SUBJECT

Sam C. Chan

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