1. A bunch of photographer guys and gals (AKA: The Picture Bunch)
2. A term coined by Sam while in the shower having a silly conversation with Vicky
3. A picture gallery with a tongue-in-cheek twist
4. A casual and FUN place to relax and view high resolution eye-candy pictures
5. A virtual world where Truth, Goodness and Beauty reign, la Camelot

How do you say it in other languages?

Q:  Who is the ruler here?

King Alpha. That's the first letter in Greek alphabet, which symbolizes leadership and supremacy. Indeed, he it is who possesses endless great wisdom and logic, though not known for bravery, nor is he skilled in arms. A noble and strong ruler regardless. For warfare was once a fact of daily life, civilization has evolved. Hence, the web is mightier than the sword. Like many great leaders before him, the Great (mythical?) King Alpha is only heard but never seen. And, as those of you who participated in Beta testing of software should know, Alpha could be crude and unrefined at times, but his heart is in the right place.

Q:   Who are the knights at Cameralot and is there a Round Table?

So far, only Samcelot, the first on the scene. But worry not... King Alpha believes if you build it, they will come. Also, rest assured that he is an equal opportunity ruler. Already, there are female photographers on applications. As for the round table, it's been replaced by an oval conference table which works better with Parliamentary procedures.

Q:   How is this site different from bravo-studio.com?



Serves as the official site for our photography business with real functions and purposes Purely labor-of-love hobby site with no business purposes
Neutral and objective Opinionated and commentaries in abundance
Professional, polite and serious Casual, fun and anything goes
Size & resolution of files optimized for speed Optimized for quality, impact and indulgence