Evolution of a Guru

You Dont Know
What You Don't Know

 Know that you absolutely don't know anything.

 Know that you don't know a lot.

 Know that you don't know a bit still.

 Don't know what you don't know.

 Start to realize you still don't know, but not sure what.

 Know what you still don't know, but unaware it's OK to reveal.

 Becoming aware that it's OK to not know, but unwilling to reveal.

 Realize the "don't know" state is forever. As such, the word "still" is redundant.

 Know precisely what you don't know. Readily disclose them haphazardly.

 Gradually announce the "don't knows" in organized but plain manner.

 Able to articulate them in dignifying fashion, with eloquence.

Despite the slight tongue-in-cheek tone, this test is astonishingly accurate and valid. In my 28+ years in the IT industry, I have witnessed people (myself included) at varying stage of this evolution. I painstakingly established and refined this gauge for educational purposes.   -SCC

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