40% Incompetent The only reason to be ending up in this zone is because the IT provider was unwilling and/or unable to perform competently.
50% Gross Negligence
60% Negligence
70% Oversight A less than ideal job, due to either budgetary constrains, owner's preferences and explicit directive for minimal efforts; or inexperience on the part of IT providers.
80% Lax
90% Competent The optimal zone.
Virtually all jobs should fall within this range.  The Law of Diminishing Returns dictates that sensibility and good judgment must be exercised.
100% Thorough
105% Go The Extra Mile
110% Eager
125% Over Eager The importance of project and owner preferences might warrant above-average efforts and solutions.
150% Obsessive
200% Over-kill Excessive efforts rack up billing, often create needless complexity and pain, against clients' best interests.
300% Fraudulent
For any given task, there're no cut-and-dry rules for determining the proper level of efforts. It's obvious that insufficient efforts are unacceptable. Over-kill solutions could be just as bad. Always strive to strike a good balance for the situation and exercise good judgment.   - Sam C. Chan

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