Glossary:  pseuicide

by  Cuppachino

April 5, 2010

pseu·i·cide   [soo-uh-sahyd]   noun, verb,-cid·ed, -cid·ing.

Definition: pseudo suicidea homicide made to appear like a suicide, also known as a staged suicide. A popular technique of assassination.

Usage Examples:   1. As soon as he filed for appeal, he was pseuicided, to prevent any chance of damaging testimonies.    2. It would be suicidal for the powers that be to pull any pseuicide scheme, seeing that he's already well-hedged with redundant undiscovered deluge sources.   3. Despite the coroner's pronouncement of "apparent suicide," everyone realizes it's an intentionally blatant pseuicide, for extra intimidation values.

Methods of actual recent cases of pseuicide:

  • hanging
  • abruptly wandering off into the woods, to be discovered dead days/weeks later
  • intentional overdose of prescription drugs
  • jumped (pushed) off a building/bridge
  • mysterious "bacterial infection"
  • mysterious food poisoning
  • mysterious single auto (or other forms of) accident in an isolated area
  • two (2) shots to the skull with manual pistol

Most common targets of pseuicide schemes:

  • police chiefs
  • bankers & financial sector movers and shakers (think Enron scale and above)
  • journalists
  • prostitution ring leaders serving the VIP community
  • high-ranking child pornography and abuse ring enablers
  • microbiologists
  • air traffic controllers
  • CIA agents and former directors
  • active military personnel, mostly low ranking
  • retired military generals

Reasons for pseuicide to be conducted:

  • impending court testimony
  • "national security is at stake" <wink>
  • someone's embarrassment is at stake
  • someone's wealth or liberty is at stake
  • as warning and intimidation to others

Effective hedge/mitigation techniques against becoming pseuicide victim:

  • brute-force protection and screening (exhaustive and resource-intensive)
  • preemptive disclosure with sufficiently pervasive dissemination
  • plausible declaration and pact of non-disclosure (weak and non-assured)
  • practice "hornet's nest" principle (details discussed with EerieKA T1 only)
    • setup intricate power dynamics
    • info deluge triggered by dead man's switch mechanism
      • PulseChek
      • ArticCav
      • Matryoshka
  • practice "security in obscurity" principle and adhere to Decibo Accord