Stupid is a stupid word,

when describing a person or thing, as it is overly vague, often misused, and always misleading and ineffective.

An act can be stupid, but not a person. To label someone stupid only reflects ones own hatred and lack of sophistication.

Consider these alternatives: unintelligent, ignorant, uninformed, non-intellectual, illogical, unskilled, forgetful, learning disable (which many of us are), mentally retarded (used not as an insult), low dexterity, lacks sophistication, simple-minded, naive, unscientific, overly trusting, excessively kind-hearted, impractical, impatient, immature.

Sam C. Chan

So what if you've been known to display your hatred and un-sophistication? There're worse deficiencies.

Mental retardation is a medical condition, not a politically incorrect phrase. Only the phonies and hypocrites think that. And, for goodness sake: Please give patience & compassion, not pity.

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