• The devil is in the details (and the logic). If you keep on simplifying, eventually, you'll end up with something that does not remotely resemble the original idea. What you have is utter nonsense, and completely missing the point. Misleading statements/ideas do more harm than good.

  • Keep simplifying, you'll lose the original, and have nonsense left.

  • Simplify, only nonsense left.

  • Nonsense.

Sam C. Chan

As compression increases, so does distortion. Junior IT practitioners often recite a few over-simplified (and heavily distorted) rules without in-depth understanding: If A, then do B. The results are disastrous. If expertise can actually be reduced to a 1-page look-up table, who needs a human brain to carry that around?

Problem solving is complex and dynamic. Management that brutally criticize and demand unreasonable results based on over-simplified reports and false assumptions are guilty of this. TV personality tech advices are more entertainment than substance. I call it the Dr. Ruth effect.

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