Do you want me for my Mind, or my Body?

It's been a long while since someone wanted me for my body
  ―I have become much too expensive for that.

Sam C. Chan

For any given IT project, there's 20% brain work, and 80% labor. The expertise is worth 80% of the price, with the remaining 20% going toward the pair-of-hands or warm-body activities. On the surface, it appears to be unfairly reversed. Shouldn't inspiration and perspiration lead to similarly proportioned compensation?

In order to arrive at that "inspiration" produced, the professional must go through "mental castration" both on- and behind-the-scene; and long-before, during, and long-after the implementation.

If you subtract of the inspiration pay to cover the overhead of apparatus, subscriptions, administrative help, training, etc. Divide he remainder by the "dilution factor." If the billable ratio is 3:1 (3 hours of activities for 1 hour of billable time), then the pro is earning at exactly the same rate as the technician. In reality, that factor is between 2.5 and 5. Anyone with a billable ratio of 2:1 or better is by definition fraudulently incompetent. And we haven't even considered the risks undertaken.

Another tidbit: Brain work is "remote-able," body work is not. The crew must be local.

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