Bravo General IT Advocacy

address small issues as they develop cumulate & compound issues
comprehensive & systematic documentation guess & investigate, reinvent the wheel
frequent, proactive monitoring & auditing ignorance is bliss, leave it to faith
preemptive scheduled maintenance problem-driven, reactive, corrective bandaids
corporate edition centralize, managed AV unmanaged consumer AV w/ bells & whistles
effective, substantive & manageable firewall pretentious, distractive consumer "security"
holistic, multi-layered security measures rely on the mythical "silver bullet"
articulated strategies & policies, w/ justifications fly by seat-of-the-pants, buzzwords de jour
focus on total cost of ownership/operations short-sighted fixation on up-front costs
choose optimal solutions that fit well go for the best-known, best-sellers
proper, comprehensive backup plan invalid backup (if any), false sense of security
contingency plans to cover specific scenarios scramble when it happens

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