10/13/02 Cameralot Moments: A Tribute to Rochester, NY and Eastman Kodak Company
10/10/02 Autumn in Cleveland, Ohio series.
10/09/02 NYC: A View from the Top of World Trade Center. A Slide Show.
10/08/02 Taco Bell series added.
10/08/02 Portraits: Jackie & Vicky posted.
10/07/02 Letchworth State Park 1999 posted.
10/01/02 Space shuttle pilot Pamela Melroy (Rochester native) tribute gallery posted.
9/30/02 Gallery Page added. Previously, galleries were listed directly in opening page.
9/25/02 Wholly Cow exhibit posted.
9/22/02 Video & Sound clip added to "How Do You Say Cameralot in ___?" page.
9/21/02 "How Do You Say Cameralot in ___?" page added.
9/20/02 Eyeful Tower debut with sneak preview.
9/19/02 Gallery #4: Christmas 2001 posted.
9/18/02 Poetry site added. It's only my almost 4-year old site dusted off, but quite an appropriate addition.
9/18/02 Garden of EDEN transferred from Bravo Studio
9/17/02 Picture of the Day feature added. It'd be updated frequently but not on a daily basis.
9/15/02 Gallery #3: Drawings & Montages posted.
9/13/02 Gallery #2: Downtown Brockport posted.
9/11/02 Cameralot debut with premiering gallery dedicated to September 11, 2001 Memorial.
9/07/02 Commitment to launch site. Open letter to public.