May Flowers

May flowers bloom from the nourishment of April rain.

Inspirational vibrant colors, so moving, so stirring…

Such sensual beauty, like your eyes ¾  unforgettable,

Sweet smiles of yours, forever imprinted in my mind.


Your every captivating blush and smile,

Overshadow even the budding roses,

Undeniably causing my heart to melt.

Newly emerged tulips singing playful melody,

Ensemble of harmony by assorted variety of lilies,

Enhanced by rhythm of stems caressing each other,

Deafening, peaceful silence between passages.


Your every enchanting voice and laughter,

Overwhelm and soothe my body and soul,

Under the sky we lie nightly, apart yet connected.

Windy breeze carries the fragrance of flowers,

Alluring like the delicate perfume on you…

Natural beauty you are, a breath of fresh air,

Turning heads everywhere you pass through.


Your every gentle touch and tender kiss,

Often make me feel hopelessly devoted,

Underneath the calm lies turmoil of love in vain…

                - Anonymous - May 1999

This is a perfect sequel to April Rain. The first line again rhymes with the last line. Amazingly enough, the scene described here is an exact picture of my yard and garden in spring!

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