From The Desk of: Sam C. Chan

September 7, 2002

This is a spontaneous project. A purely labor-of-love hobby site without any business purpose. I am fascinated and inspired by King Arthur's philosophy of idealized beauty, peacefulness, fairness and enlightenment. A while back, Vicky and I came up with a list of funny names (some unfit for prints) with -lot postfix. Just 2 days ago, I decided to register the domain name Yesterday, I created the first draft of proof-of-concept opening graphic. Had a brief brainstorming session with my collaboration friend Diane Hauer. We refined and validated the concept and tackled a few technical issues. 4 hours and 2 revisions later, I had a solidified project plan in my head...

Since there are no set agendas or specific requirements I must meet, I am free to take a totally casual approach and express myself as I see fit. What would be inappropriate to post on would be fair game here. The emphasis is fun and indulgence, as opposed to practical functions and purposes. The free-wheeling nature of this site makes it a perfect candidate as a "fast-track development" project. The process of which will be documented in my journal, with all the unused interim images and files captured, for my teaching purposes. It would serve as a case study for my webmaster trainees, and a special challenge and exercise for myself. I have tentatively set my sight on a September 11, 2002 launch. 

With only a precious 5-day development cycle from planning to debut, an unconventionally efficient approach is a must. All decisions will be done without much formal debate. Simplicity is the key. I will tap into my own vast library of 30,000+ original photos as a jump start. Once the style of the site is established, I will solicit contribution of works from my photographer and designer buddies. There are many specific new technical skills that I need to acquire in order to accomplish my goals. I will learn them as quickly as I can. Until then, I will substitute with next best alternative.

Sam C. Chan
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